Mel Noonan

Mel Noonan began his broadcast industry career as a trainee engineer at Channel 7 in Australia, rising over a five-year period to technical director. Arriving in the UK, he worked in broadcast sales, gaining experience with a wide range of equipment, and setting up seminars, training plus a production facility. Experience followed at Hitachi Denshi, specialising in camera sales as UK sales manager and later working as European sales manager for the MAL division of Copenhagen-based Danmon.

In 1990 he was invited to become sales manager for Paris-based Thomson Video Equipement where he also became involved in marketing to raise the visibility of what was to become Thomson Broadcast, with huge success in promoting Thomson cameras into the UK broadcast market.

Fourteen years on, he took his skills to Polecam as global sales and marketing manager where he contributed over a seven-year period to sales, raising global visibility, setting up and maintaining a network of global distributors, writing and issuing press releases, attending shows worldwide, handling advertising and much of the artwork and photography, as well as  video editing and DVD production.